How To Make Wire Hangers For Business

Hangers are a common tool in every family. Hangers can be used to dry clothes and support clothes to prevent deformation. There are many common types of hangers, such as wooden hangers, iron hangers, and plastic-wrapped hangers. We can mass-produce hangers with the help of a dedicated hanger making machine.

The hanger production line is mainly composed of a wire release machine (pay-off machine), clothes hanger making machine, plastic spraying gun, plastic powder recycling booth, dryer machine. The raw material for making clothes hangers is usually 1.8mm to 2.0mm galvanized iron wire, and the maximum diameter of machinable iron wire is 2.5mm.

The commercial hanger production line can process hangers of various specifications and sizes. Generally, hangers ranging in size from 13 inches to 20 inches can be made. Moreover, the hanger processing plant can also process various types of hangers, such as wire hangers, galvanized hangers, steel hangers, plastic-coated hangers, etc. Our factory can customize a suitable hanger production line according to the specific requirements of customers..... Jupeb Expo 2021


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